Absolute Films is proud to use the Avid Xpress editing system.


Avid Xpress™



 The Avid Xpress system is the fastest, most creative way to produce high quality

 video and multimedia content. Designed with unique breakthrough technologies and

 an uncompressed video option, the Avid Xpress system lets you create superior

 content, do it faster and, at the same time, achieve significant productivity increases

 and cost savings. Available on both the Macintosh® and Windows NT® platforms,

 Avid Xpress provides creative professionals with the most powerful digital video

 system in its price category.

  The Avid Xpress system delivers these substantial advantages:


      Avid’s One-Step Technology

      More real-time features

      More built-in functionality

      Industry-leading image and audio quality

      Third-party integration

      Easy fit in a multi-platform workflow


 These advantages, combined with Avid’s adherence to ITU R-601 broadcast-industry

 standards, have made the Avid Xpress system the leading solution for creative

 professionals working with digital media.


 Unprecedented Productivity with One-Step Technology | One-Step Technology

 helps you save time and keep the creative process flowing, accomplishing the most

 common editing and creative tasks in the fewest possible steps, often with a single

 click of the mouse. With other systems, much of your creative time is spent working

 manually and slowly, due to multiple steps and work-arounds. Avid’s One-Step

 Technology cuts to the chase, taking you to new levels of speed and productivity when

 working with digital media.


 The Avid Xpress interface is based on eighth-generation, award-winning software.

 The highly intuitive Avid interface, proven in the hands of over 50,000 editors in the

 film and television industries worldwide, places it well ahead of other systems in terms

 of speed, simplicity and creative options.


 Truest Online Image Quality | Avid Xpress supports ITU R-601 broadcast industry

 standards for the truest online image quality. For the first time in its category,

 uncompressed video is available as an option for the Avid Xpress for Windows NT for

 the best possible video quality. Avid Xpress on both Macintosh and Windows NT can

 deliver broadcast quality 2:1 image compression, as well as a range of other

 resolutions. No other digital video system in its class combines unmatched speed

 and productivity features with the highest image standards.


 Built-In Compositing for Streamlined Production | Built-in compositing means

 more creative flexibility, shorter production cycles and considerably less frustration.

 Avid Xpress offers unlimited layering through up to four video tracks with real-time,

 non-destructive layering and nesting, eliminating the need for expensive and

 time-consuming third-party applications. You can also create multi-layered effects

 within Avid Xpress, then composite multiple layers into a single track in one easy



 Real-Time Processing for Increased Productivity | With all the real-time features

 available in Avid Xpress, you spend less time waiting and more time creating.

 Customizable real-time 3D effects, real-time picture-in-picture, over 24 real-time

 transitions, real-time color effects, real-time keying, and so much more are available.

 Titles and graphics are displayed in an uncompressed format for the best quality

 representation in real-time. And real-time titles and graphics can be played over other

 real-time effects.


 Richest, Most Advanced Sound | Eight-track, real-time online audio mixing with

 3-band EQ, real-time rubberband gain adjustments, and external audio device control

 make it faster and easier to produce the richest, most advanced sound. Audio can be

 input in either analog or digital formats and is compatible with a wide range of audio

 equipment including Digital Audio Tape (DAT) machines. For more complex sound

 design, the tracks edited in Avid Xpress can be opened in Digidesign® Pro Tools®

 software, either on the same computer or on a dedicated Pro Tools workstation.


 Avid Xpress Fits into Your Multi-Platform Workflow | If you have a multi-platform

 environment, Avid Xpress fits right in, so you can maintain your existing equipment

 investment. Avid Xpress is the only system in its class to support all of the following:


      HIIP®: Multi-platform graphics I/O – popular graphics and animation files on

      Windows, Macintosh and SGI

      OMF®: Easy-to-move compositions

      AVX™: Third-party video plug-ins

      AudioSuite™: Third-party audio plug-ins

      AIFF, WAV: Macintosh and PC format audio files

      EDL: Import/export a wide range of formats

      QuickTime® and AVI: Macintosh and Windows video file formats

      Software CODEC: Work with Avid media in third-party programs


 Third-Party Integration for Ease of Use | Avid Xpress is compatible with your

 favorite applications for animation, effects and audio. It works seamlessly with

 QuickTime applications and with audio applications from Digidesign, including Pro

 Tools. With Avid Visual eXtension (AVX) plug-in support, Avid Xpress users have

 easy access to the most popular third-party plug-ins, including: TransJammer®,

 HollywoodFX, ICEfx, BorisFX, and Ultimatte. In addition, Avid Xpress also provides

 tight integration with numerous AudioSuite plug-ins for added audio capabilities.


 Available in Several Configurations | Each delivers unprecedented functionality

 and offers creative professionals the speed, quality and creative options unattainable

 from other comparably priced systems.


 From Avid, the Digital Media Expert | Avid Xpress is based on Avid’s

 award-winning eighth-generation software for the film and television industry. With

 Avid as your solution provider, you have the peace of mind knowing that you are

 buying from the industry leader—a corporation with the vision and leadership to

 position you for long-term success.



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