Story Synopsis

This story begins in the heart and mind of a young girl - a heart filled with love and a mind filled with fear and shame and hope. Fear and shame for betraying her family, but also hope, hope for a better life for her baby.

The year that Reyna turned 15 was a turning point in her young life. It was a time when the carefree days of childhood dreams and play suddenly gave way to the fears and responsibilities of motherhood. Reyna was carrying a baby. She was soon to be a mother, an unmarried mother, and with each day her terror grew – grew to the point that she was blinded by fear. For as long as she could remember, Reyna kept a written record, a diary, of her daily life. Each evening she carefully recorded her experiences and innermost feelings with all the passion and love of a young girl. One page in particular was read and reread every day. It was her favorite, for it was the day she first wrote about meeting Hans; the strong, handsome, wonderful son of a German family that had moved to Mexico for business with the government and her father.

Reyna and Hans became hopelessly in love from the first moment their eyes met. They were both strong of the Catholic faith and they knew they were wrong but their passion and desire to become one with each other was just too strong. Now, Reyna would pay the price. The baby would be coming soon. Hans, unaware of his love's plight, had moved to America with his parents. He had little choice when the time came but promised that he would return.

Reyna was alone. She had no one to turn to. Her disgrace weighed heavily on her young, tender heart, for she loved her family and respected her father and knew that she had to leave Mexico or bring a terrible disgrace upon the honor of everyone. She thought of telling her parents but she knew the pain it would cause. She thought of giving the baby up for adoption, but that would be impossible to do in secret. Still, she would try to do what was best for all, especially her baby, and she would keep her condition secret from all.

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