Story Synopsis continued

Reyna prayed to the Virgin Mary for help and forgiveness. She came to believe adoption would be best for her family and her Baby. Through the Catholic mission in Mexico City Reyna learned of a church in California where her baby could find a new start in America. And so, as the time drew near for Reyna to deliver her child, she began traveling north. She walked mile upon mile and begged for rides from anyone who would listen to her. She crossed the border hidden in the back of a truck, riding for hours without food or water.

Soon, Reyna was on foot struggling through the streets of San Juan Capistrano, an affluent American community that was home to Mission San Juan, a Catholic mission with a long history of caring for the poor. Her body was racked with exhaustion as she moved along in a daze, not knowing, not caring where she was going. She stopped to rest behind a market when the contractions began coming. God had blessed Reyna with a short labor and while she screamed-out in pain, the baby boy she named Juan came quickly. Reyna found herself sobbing uncontrollably. Crying not for herself, but for her beautiful child who would start his life on the dirty ground behind a container of trash. She wondered if she did the right thing if she made the right choice but, it was too late now. Reyna removed her slip and wrapped baby Juan to protect him from the cold. As she walked through the alley, she saw the bell tower of the Mission, silhouetted in the night sky. Somehow she knew that she was supposed to be there. She felt the hand of God and knew that He had guided her to this place.

Baby Juan slept peaceful in his mother's arms as she approached a row of dark, frightening wooden doors. She tried each one, not understanding why or what to expect at three O'clock in the morning. She only knew that she needed help for her baby, but all the doors were locked. Reyna tried to ignore the tears rolling down her face, and the fear rising in her throat. Time was running out. Reyna paused, holding her baby while trying to stay on her feet. Without warning, a dark shadow appeared from nowhere. Reyna gasped as the figure moved closer in the dark. She clutched her baby and drew him closer. While frozen in terror, a flash of lightening revealed the figure of a Nun. And in that moment, Reyna knew her prayers were answered. Sister Angelica reached out to steady Reyna and guide her to a dry bench. Reyna came to love and trust Sister Angelica who had helped many young girls in trouble. Sister Angelica promised Reyna that her son would be adopted by a good, Catholic American family from the church, who would love Juan and give him a wonderful life, an education and the best of everything that America has to offer.

A few days later, through a sea of tears, Reyna kissed her son Juan good-bye for the last time. And to Reyna's surprise, Sister Angelica promised to stay in contact with information about Juan's new family. For the following 15-years colorful letters about Juan's life would be sent to Reyna's church in Mexico City and placed into Reyna's secret diary.


Character Synopsis

Johnny - A 28 year-old Commercial Agent with a good head for his business but not for the gangster lifestyle. He is willing to risk his life to find his love, Maria.
Maria - A very domesticated, attractive 25 year-old woman who is dominated by her overprotective father and cousin. She never lost her love for Johnny and upon being reunited with him will stand by her man up to a point.
Frankie - After having studied to become a lawyer he finds quick success in selling drugs and dedicates his life 100 % to his gang lifestyle. At the age of 26 being a cholo what comes most naturally to him.
Ramo - A 29 year-old ex-linebacker running with the gang for 5 years now, what does fate have in store for him?
Ruben - A macho man in his late 30's who serves his own self interests but also has a concern for the family business (or which Maria is a part) which he lords over with an iron fist.
Karen - Just hard headed enough to stand her ground against her husband, Ruben.
Mike - Johnny's best friend, he loves Johnny like a brother and is always there for him with sound advice.
Terry - Mike's girlfriend.
Roland - Self-centered 33 year-old blond that views himself as the gift bestowed to womankind.
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