Tim Carey, 27 Not at All Shy.  His Publicity man said of Tim Carey: “He needs a press agent like he needs a hole in the head. He’s his own best advance man.”

     Carey, an unsophisticated 27, is at the Ambassador East to beat the drums for “Bayou” opening tonight in the Monroe Theater.

      Carey, is an actor—off as well as on. He’ll tell you: “We were shooting this picture in New Orleans. I told the cabby I had to learn to dance real wild. He took me to the French Quarter.”

       It was there, Carey says, that a girl named Lily Christian at “The 500 Club” did a special dance. They billed her as “The Cat Girl.”

        Carey watched her every night for a week. Later, he recalls:

“In New Haven, they put me on the stage to help whip up some interest in Bayou. They hollered when I did the dance.”

         Carey admits the picture’s producers censored parts of his dance. He says modestly: “It out-Elvises Elvis.”

          Carey is a Brooklyn boy who never went far in High School but has acted in 16 films and six TV shows. He says: “What I really want to do is write, I’ve got a script right here, which I call ‘L.A.,” that I’d like you to read.”

            Carey, isn’t about to quote Shakespeare but he’s living proof that “All the World’s a Stage…” He’ll say: “I joined the U.S. Marines at 15, was at Paris Island and finished boot training when they learned my age. Then I was out.”

             That brief hitch with the Leathernecks was enough to entitle the unusually tall (6 feet 5 inches) to go to school on the GI Bill. He elected drama school. He says: “When I got to Hollywood, I heard Henry Hathaway was casting ‘Prince Valiant.’ I rented a Vicking costume for $15, climbed a studio fence, confronted him with drawn sword. I didn’t get the part.”

             Carey’s early penchant for such monkeyshines had him in the doghouse with half of Hollywood—but he’s acting and eating while many a more retiring youngsters is waiting for a call, he says,

Adding: “A year ago I was making ‘Paths of Glory’ with Kirk Douglas

In Munich. I got a lot of publicity. I’ll show you the clips.”           


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 Carey rushed to his room, returned with a nickel notebook in which were pasted clippings from German newspapers. They told of Carey being kidnapped, held for ranson, returned home by police. He said:

“”If you think it was just a stunt, it’s you thinking it – not me admitting it. I sure got that movie lots of space in the papers.”

       Carey spoke in pidgin Deutsch in the lobby of Munich’s most luxurious hotel to Germany’s leading actress, Maria Schell. He says:

“I didn’t know she was famous. I saw a pretty girl and tried to date her. She said she was busy that night?” 


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